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PureIrish Secures Contenders Trials Spot

Irish Overwatch was given another boost today as yet another Irishman has made it all of the way through the Open Division process to secure a spot in Contenders Trials. This time around, the honour falls to yet another World Cup International in off-tank Adam “PureIrish12” Healy who has battled his way through the playoff bracket with his team Chaos Insurgency. 

Adam becomes just the fourth Irish player to make it this far into the competitive Overwatch system following in the footsteps of Liam, FlexG and Grathen who managed the feat last season. However, the 20-year-old will be Ireland’s only player in the Contenders Trials tournament this season and hopes to make an impact with the opportunity to become the only Irish person to ever reach the European Contenders in Overwatch’s second tier.

PureIrish at DGF 2018

Chaos Insurgency, currently unsigned to any organisation, are a full European line up with members of the roster hailing from France, Ireland, Norway, Germany, Denmark and French Polynesia. No one in the playing squad has ever made it this far into the path to pro system so they will be going into Trials as what many will consider underdogs, something that will not worry PureIrish after the underdog journey he faced with the Celtic Wolfhounds to the World Cup in 2019. 

Speaking exclusively to IEN, PureIrish told us “To be honest I’m not looking forward to facing any team because they are all super scary but I’d love to play against Shu’s Money Crew. Only because my old team Ireland coach is their head coach.”

He also made a statement about how playing for Team Ireland has inspired him to take the leap of faith into competitive Overwatch:

I remember when I joined into the Irish Community server when it first started up after my friend invited me and I saw all the hype for the world cup back then. How much the Irish community has grown since, its insane and I was so proud to represent Ireland in the World Cup and now again in playoffs and Trials – hopefully into Contenders! Ever since the day I got my team Ireland jersey and it had my username “PureIrish” on it, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Huge shout out and credit to the entire Team Ireland team and staff as well as the entire Irish Overwatch community for being so supportive and amazing.

Contenders Trials will officially start on the 30th April. Stay tuned on IEN for more updates on PureIrish’s progress for the rest of the season. Best of luck Adam!

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